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Data refresh available from http://www.flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#harmonicsfiles.

XTide 2.15 (2016-01-25)

The 2.15 revision of XTide makes xttpd work with IPv6 and systemd (neither one is a hard requirement) and catches up with the API changes in Xaw3dXft ver. 1.6.2d.  See Changelog for what else was done and get it from http://www.flaterco.com/xtide/files.html#xtide.

libtcd 2.2.7 (2015-08-08)

Fix an out-of-bounds access.

End of maintenance for non-free data

For various reasons, I have ended maintenance of the non-free data set.  Anyone interested in generating new harmonic constants from published data can find information and a list of data sources here.

Mailing list

There is an announce-only mailing list to which I send notices of each update to XTide or the harmonics data.  You can subscribe or read the archives at http://ten.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/xtide-announce.

Please note:  If an announcement to you gets bounced by your mail server, you fall off the list.  Some long-time contributors have fallen off because, unbeknownst to them, their ISPs subscribed to a spam blackholing service that blackholed all pair.com-hosted domains after one of them sent out spam.

To do list


Nit:  Fix parallel make race condition where congen link fails because libcongen didn't exist yet.


Without context, somebody sent a YEARDATA.DAT file and a decoding thereof which indicated that the phases of 3KM5, RP1, and KJ2 were reversed relative to the output of Congen.

Investigation revealed the following:


The 2016 harmonics update will include the K1+M2+K2 definition of 3KM5.  That change and the above discussion should be included in a revised congen_input.txt.


Upstream any harmless portability nits from XTideMac.

The XML parser should be bundled under the libxtide namespace but isn't.

Major things to do in XTide 3 if life turns out not to be too short after all:

The following graph mode wish list was submitted by Kirby Vandivort in 2016-01.



Remember to update the version strings in the pre-generated DOS/tcd.h and VS/tcd.h files.

Remember to update the DOS and VS build instructions in the documentation and in VS/README.txt.

Things to do in the next major revision, if there ever is one:

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